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  Six cardiologists formed the American Heart Association in 1924. Their goal was to improve public and medical awareness during a time of "almost unbelievable ignorance about heart disease," said Dr. Paul Dudley White, one of the founders.


















































































































































































































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Heart Gala Fun!

So us nine lovely ladies decided to volunteer our services at the American Heart Association's Heart Gala which is basically a party for rich people to wear fancy outfits and spend lots of money. We all started out in a chipper mood at 4:30, but let me tell ya, when 12:30 rolled around I wasn't too pleasant. (Just ask Maggie!) As you can see Lauren, Amy, Marni, Charleen and Jana got to wear pretty dresses and walk around with baskets coaxing men to buy keys to there heart. Aww... Ok, the real deal was to win a watch but it sounds cute. Actually hitting on guys that old sounds kind of gross thinking about it, but I'm getting way off topic. The rest of us; Rachael, Maggie, Brieanne and I got to wear those sexy black and white emsembles. We got the awesome and exciting job of standing at the silent auction tables and making sure people knew how to write down their name and phone number correctly. I guess the rich have difficulities with simple tasks but that's beside the point. We were all quite excited to see the famous Namoi Judd who was the guest speaker for the dinner. My grandma asked me how she looked but I really couldn't tell since my face was smudged up against the glass windows of the ballroom and she was standing a mile away from me. But I saw the guitar she signed! My highlight of the night was our new boy friend, Fabio (a look alike that is) who thinks sororities exist for beer drinking and bad reputations. Nice guy I guess, but what was up with the curly long hair? My grumpy mood was lifted when I made an ass of myself on the dance floor, particularly with Marni and Amy. We brought out all the 80's dance moves in slow motion to a pathetic Meatball song. Everyone was hugging their honeys and we were running in circles like annoying three-year-olds but when the crowd is more than 3 times your age, you really don't care. The best part of the evening was when we all got to raid the ballroom for decorations. As you can see, we all left with more than we came with including flowers, streamers, stars and a copy of Naomi Judd's book! I guess the eight hours of staring into infinity was worth it especially since I left the convention center with my very own glowstick:)

The melting ice sculpture in the background provided hours of enjoyment for those of us sitting at the auction tables! By the way did I mention how cold it was in this room? Notice how we are all huddling together in attempts to feel some body heat. Brrr....


"Here I am with my best friend Maggie. Doesn't she look just stunning tonight? She is the greatest person in the whole world!"


"Ugh, ok now that she's gone I can show my true colors. Can you believe this girl? Look at her acting all prim and proper. I bet some old guy bids on my bear before anyone bids on her golf certificate. And she smells too! (I was holding my breath in the picture above!)"


This poor lady was badgered by Bud Miller all night. Who is Bud? Does it matter? He has two Beer names! Wow, no wonder he's rich and famous.


While working registration, Rachael gossiped with a French woman about the fashion disasters of the night. Little did Charleen know they were talking about her the whole time!


Can you tell we just went on break for the first time?


I really don't know how to explain this burst of sillyness. I liked the lights on the stairs so I made Maggie do some ridiculous poses with me. No wait! Forget that! This was our big routine of the night and when people heard us singing and saw us dancing, they all rushed out of the ballroom right in the middle of Naomi's speech! Boy we were a hit and the men kept throwing $20 bills at our feet but of course we didn't accept them because this was a charity event :)


Look at that smile. If this girl is the first thing you see when you enter a party, you know it must be good.


This was our big Madonna number. I performed the vocals while Maggie danced "the Vogue." I'm wearing a cheery face for the crowd and...who am I kidding. I'm laughing so hard at Maggie becuase she looks plain ridiculous.


Notice Jana's coat and pale white face. I told you we lost blood circulation and all bodily feeling in that freezer!


Ahh, and as a final gift we left the crowd with our sweet air-blown kisses which in Maggie's case is masterfully disguished as a smile. Does she kiss boys with her mouth wide open?


As people headed home for the night, Brieanne gave them a little kick out the door. With that starry garland around her neck, she was super ferouscious!


The Princess Crew return home with their treasures.