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  Unlikely, many people believe Line Dancing wasn’t born in the U.S. Researches have shown that the history of Line Dancing goes far back as BC. However, there is no evidence of the exact location where it began.



















































































































































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Line Dancing at the Roost!

Line dancing was yippy skippy at the Roost the other night. The place was so packed we could hardly fit ourselves on the dance floor. Actually, we went on a Tuesday night and we were the only soles there except for the famboiant dancing instructor and a few poor soles at the bar. But we made the best of it learning some new steps and looking like buttheads on the floor.

This photo was just released on the cover of the new CD: Country Ganstas. Yeah, we look all big and bad don't we?

Rip it up Rachael! Notice the skill and talent of the girls on the floor. Actually, I'm having a hard time finding it!

I didn't think they allowed animals in this place but somehow this crazy monkey made it onto the dance floor. This photo would work well in a personal ad don't ya think?

Awww, Mags and Kelly looking hot and hoping to pick up some of those lucious bar boys.

Could we be any cuter? Well maybe the three girls on the right could, but the one on the left is just so perfect. Ah yes, she is super fine.

These two were cramping my style in the back seat so I sat on their faces. Notice their smiles:)

This girl is always following me. Look at that evil stare. I think she's in love with me, then again who isn't?

Ahh! Crazy monkey alert! It's that weird scary animal again. I just couldn't seem to shake her off. Thank goodness it wasn't that cold outside because I'd hate to see her face freeze that way.

I thought these two looked cute but apparently the guy behind them wasn't impressed. Or maybe he just wanted some tongue action. Oh la la!

Ugh, these pretty girls were stealing the men away all night. Let me tell ya, it's hard to get the attention of a toothless white bearded man!

Look how happy country line dancing can make you feel! Doctor reccommended if you're feeling the country blues. Ok, that just made no sense. Maybe line dancing fries your brain.

WOO WEE! Mags I like the line dancing boots! And whose's that guy, he's kind of cute! He just needs a cowboy hat to make me melt.

AGGG! What is going on here? You could stop a charging bull in his tracks with these hideous faces.