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  According to The Guinness Book of Records, the quickest picker-upper when it comes to beer is one Tom Gaskin, who in Northern Ireland in 1996 managed to lift a 137-pound keg over his head 902 times in only six hours.






























































































































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Alpha Phi Kicks Butt!

Not to be vain, but our sorority is the best:) Liz Loveless gave a great performance at the keg toss beating everyone in both rounds! I think she should have competed against the frat boys, but they were scared of her. Wussys. The Tug-of-War contest was really pathetic. Where was the competition? We kicked both teams butts using only one arm. Ok, maybe a few of us used two but the extra strength wasn't needed ;) Alpha Phi came in third overall for Greek Week 2003. Great job ladies! And didn't our shirts look the cutest? I thought so...








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